How to appear anywhere online in a pinch

Recently, a friend visiting Hong Kong needed to check an important email but wasn’t allowed access even with the correct password, since she was not in her usual location. She also forgot the password to the recovery email address. To make the website play nice, we had to appear to...

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Domain Madness

Domains are a wacky, wacky world that goes much deeper than Having played with them for a bit, I’d like to share some weird things I’ve seen on the way.


Before we dive in, we need to know what a domain is. Which of the following are...

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Cloudflare's MITM attack

Having recommended Cloudflare in my last post, this post seems to negate all of that. How can you use a service that is MITM attacking you?

What’s a MITM attack?

There’s a good explanation here but the short version is MITM stands for man-in-the-middle attack.


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